Operation Underground Railroad

I’ve rewritten this post several times in an effort to say just the right thing. To ease into a subject that is not easy. Because I’m used to using words to paint a pretty picture, to bring relief and laughter and light. But today the words I need to say start in the dark. In silence and suffering. They’re not pleasant to set your heart on, but the truth of them is a pain we must endure if we are to make a difference.


Today I’m talking about child sexual slavery. The editor of LDS Living called it “one of the fastest growing and most lucrative criminal industries in the world today.” The very thought makes me sick to my stomach, because, like you, I have seen the pristine beauty of new life. My job as a mother is to stand like a lion at the gates protecting that beauty with every fiber of my being. I fight the fight every day to raise my little ones in the light of this beautiful world, tenderly feeding them hope, nurturing their vital intelligence and activity into blossoms they can share with a world that needs it. I am a vehement opposer of pornography in a city that cultivates it. I choose to stand in between the popular of the day, to examine lyrics, to scrutinize movies, to preview games before my children ingest them, weeding out poison and blocking deception. It’s not easy, but I was born to do it. I am exactly the person they need right now, to stand at the gate, fearless and ready to fight.


Image by Operation Underground Railroad

Learning about this lucrative business that takes children, like mine, and sells them into a life I cannot even begin to comprehend… it’s painful to contemplate. It hurts my heart in a way that made it hard to face at first. I saw this post many times before I had the courage to see it. To read the words. To let them pierce my heart. But the moment I allowed myself to see it, I could not look away. I could not hide from the beautiful faces of those freed children, knowing there were more…oh so many more…waiting for the same chance.

You, too, may be looking away, fearful to contemplate the truth of this blight. It is a horrible plague, but just as we would not just hide from danger while sending our loved ones into the world to be exposed to it, we cannot hide from this. We have to dress ourselves in bravery and bind on our courage because whether we like it or not, we’re at war. The moment I allowed myself to know, I took up the banner. I am an abolitionist. I will be to the day I die. I will do whatever I can to fight for freedom from this horrible scourge on our children.

Unfortunately, like many of you, I don’t have the skills to mount an operation and hold these children in my arms, carrying them to freedom from a life of pain, disease and depravity. But there is an organization that can. Operation Underground Railroad is made up of past Navy Seals and CIA operatives with training and skills to take down those who sell children, to rescue them and then to place them in a safe home where they can get the help they need to heal from their wounds.



Get your badge at ourrescue.org.

My friends, today I am an abolitionist because every human has the right to explore their potential. I am an abolitionist because every child should know the light of sunshine on their shoulders and the comfort of safety. I am an abolitionist because I know what it is like to look into the eyes of perfect innocence. I am an abolitionist because I believe that good will triumph when people like you and me stand up and do something with the knowledge we have. My few dollars can save a child. My monthly donation can fund a rescue. My voice, sharing this message can bring these kids to safety.

Since learning of this organization, I’ve been joined by like-minded ladies. We are the Abolitionist Moms and we invite you to join us.

There are so many ways to help:

Join Abolitionist Moms and donate time, services, goods, and talents. All proceeds will go to O.U.R. to rescue children from sexual slavery. 

Create a group of your own with the same goal, inviting the people you know and love who will want to fight to be a part.

Buy and wear a T-shirt. When asked, let people know what you stand for!

Spread the word. Even this alone is more helpful than you know. Sharing on your social media platforms and encouraging others in your group of friends to do the same can spread the word exponentially. When we post about sales, fund raisers, and other exciting events, please share, share, share!

Donate directly to O.U.R. Give a Lincoln, save a slave. 

Pray for these children and those involved in this dangerous and imperative work. They need the help of God on their side and our prayers to sustain them in the horrors they will undoubtedly see. Pray for them to be strengthened, to be successful, to be protected from physical and emotional harm.

I am linking to several events coming up sponsored by Abolitionist Moms. Any and all are welcome to participate through donation of goods or purchasing. ALL PROCEEDS go to fight slavery.

TOMORROW, April 11, 2015 Abolitionist Moms will be hosting a Bake Sale here in Las Vegas, Nevada from 10-12pm. 9746 Kampsville Avenue, Las Vegas, NV. Drop by, tell your friends, buy delicious goodies, have your child’s face painted, and donate to OUR! ALL PROCEEDS will go to O.U.R.

May 26, 2015–will be the beginning of an online auction. Join Abolitionist Moms to donate tickets, gift cards, handmade items, service, etc. and then go shopping during the auction to benefit O.U.R.

June 13, 2015Yoga in the Park and Picnic to Benefit O.U.R. Outdoor yoga for $10 per student. Join this event for further details.

A consignment sale, placing of exchange students, and other fun and helpful events are coming up. Be sure to become an Abolitionist Mom to stay in the know and donate your time and talents to this great cause.

Join the fight. Become an abolitionist.




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