Short Short {A Typical Day}

This Short idea came from my big brother Michael. “A mother who turns into a superhero while her kids are at school.” I wrote this after the Women’s Beach Volleyball game where China and the US battled to the end and during the balance beam finals. Got it out in forty-five minutes with another fifteen of revising, cutting down 38 words (500 is not much, I tell ya!) and perfecting. One down, another three to go in preparation for the Short Short Competition in September. Let me know what you think!

Here you go…Just a Typical Day….

A Typical Day

by Christene Houston

Jes could feel the cold sweat of her captor dipping onto the ultra thin material of her suit. His breath came in quick gasps as she tightened the headlock around his neck.

“Done?” she asked, her feet planted, thighs flexing against his struggling mass.

“You’re dead, you stupid—“ his voice cut off as she flexed her bicep against his throat.

“I’ve got all day,” she used a bored voice. An alarm trilled in the background, terrified bank patrons had scattered, sirens screamed. “However you’ve only got about 65 seconds before the Popo come with your new bracelets and limo… 25 before you pass out from lack of oxygen. How’s that gonna look to the boys back home?”

The man’s eyes bulged and the veins in his head pulsed.

She loosened her hold and immediately regretted it. He twisted, kicking to swipe at her legs and pull the trigger on a pistol yanked from his sock.

But Jes was one step ahead. She credited her super speed but her mother’s intuition was even more astute. She’d been aware of her special powers since her teens when she blew her teammates off the track. But it was only after becoming a mother to three children that a second sight appeared, making her crime fighting easier than ever before. Not that she went looking for it. No, today she was depositing at the bank, cheerios in her pocket and a smudge of peanut butter on her jeans. But that intuition made her look up when the thickly set man with a shuffling step moved through the bank line ahead of her.

No one noticed her lightning fast change into the suit made especially for these moments, ultra thin, compact and most importantly – indestructible. 2.5 seconds later the room erupted in shrieks, a gun swung around and Jes had his stocky neck in her grasp.

Now Jes spun and jumped, kicking her attacker in the gut right at the diaphragm, expelling oxygen, spittle and a stream of grunting swear words she’d never let her children listen to. Jes’ slender figure completed the kick with a flat hand to the face. It looked like a tap but contained carefully controlled power that blackened both eyes and clicked off the lights so that he fell in a crumpled heap at her feet, his finger still on the trigger.

Carefully kicking the gun across the floor, Jes took one last glance around the room before joining the group huddled outside the bank, back in peanut butter stained jeans, watching the police barrel through the front doors.

Four hours later she swiped a strand of black hair from deep blue eyes and clicked off the TV.


Three little faces raced into the kitchen while she placed steaming green beans on the table.

“How was your day?” Five-year-old Clarey chirped around a swiped piece of bread.

Jes swiped it back with speed that always impressed her little brood.

“Nothing exciting,” she grinned, “Nothing at all.”

(c) 8/2012 Christene Houston

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  1. erin
    Aug 8, 2012

    This is so cute! Love it!

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