Short Short Practice

This September…the day after my amazing Book Release Party (Sept. 7!!) there is going to be a fun Short Short Story Competition. It involves 20 writers, 500 words, a subject you don’t know until you get there, and 90 minutes.

Let’s be honest, I tend to be long winded. It’s in my bones. Or lungs…or maybe fingertips since they do most of the talking around here.

So I’m practicing. Ninety minutes. A random subject chosen by YOU and my imagination to make it take flight. You guys have been AWESOME! I have a list of subjects to work on that I’ve blended together in a hat. I pull one out, set the timer and let the words fly. All my practice shorts will be published here for your enjoyment every Wednesday in August (starting NEXT week).

I can’t wait to share what comes up…


  1. Judy Logan
    Aug 2, 2012

    Hi Christene. You have a beautiful website here, but these dark blocks make it difficult to see for my “old eyes”.

    Otherwise, I love the site.


    Judy Logan

  2. Judy Logan
    Aug 2, 2012

    P.S. There is only a placeholder for the picture in the right hand column.


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