Summer Bucket List

Summer has blasted in this year, earlier than normal with heat that has you kicking on the car A/C to full blast and longing to dip your toes in someone’s pool. There’s another four days before the kids are free from uniforms and carpools for three glorious months. I’m always thrilled by the prospect of having them home.

We do lazy mornings with pajamas and no appointments. We do park hopping, swim dates, and trips to Logandale to see friends. We make homemade slushies (courtesy of Mr. Houston who has a job that keeps him outdoors in 110+ heat). We have play dates with friends and we haunt the library.

During our weekly family night, we worked up our Summer Bucket List for 2012. It includes a bit of each child’s lazy day dreams. Here’s just a bit of what we have planned:

Cooking School… Flat Stanley Exchange… Weekly Cousin Newsletter… Learn to sew… Go Swimming… Library Time… Sonic Happy Hour… Free Movies in the Park…

Some of it will happen, some won’t. And the best part is the free form, spur-of-the-moment fun that comes with not having a plan.

What’s on your Summer Bucket List?

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