Summer Salad Recipe

There are people who have a set routine of recipes laid out week after week. Taco Tuesday, Sloppy Joe Friday, Pot Roast Sunday. They can shop without thinking, picking up the standards week after week. I am not one of those cooks. I get bored easily…well, to be honest, it’s not bored. I love time honored recipes just as much as the next cook. But I also love trying new recipes. I love discovering a new favorite for our family and stirring it up for my waiting chickees to sample. Of course, children aren’t always the best at trying new things, but mine do alright and my husband is more than willing to taste anything I whip up.

That’s why my weekly menu can take on a different look depending on the week and the time of year. In the winter it’s soups. During the summer, with the relentless heat of Las Vegas beating down and taking our power bill to new heights, we opt for more fresh salads and barbecued fare than ever before.

I’ve had this beauty from the talented ladies at Our Best Bites on my Savory Veggies board for months now. I think it’s time we took it for a test drive, paired with a crusty bread and grilled chicken.

Corn Salad Recipe

So from one cook to the next – what’s one your summer menu?

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