During November, our family does something simple, but special every night during our time together at dinner. After blessing the food, we all take turns telling our our Thankful is for the day. My youngest believes in consistency and proclaims himself thankful for trucks every single day.


My oldest daughter finds it humorous to be thankful for specific food items.


My second daughter gets a hint from our rolled eyes and goes for something more thoughtful, like certain family members.

My oldest son wavers between the ridiculous to the serious.

Mr. Houston can be depended on to say something he really is grateful for.

And I always think of the day and mention something that made me happy or exceptionally thankful.

Today, with only a few hours separating us from a day dedicated to thanks, I wanted to share my top 7 things I am grateful for:

1. Without a doubt, my family mean the most to me in all the world. I adore being a mother and especially being surrounded by the craziness that is my little world.


2. I could not go a day without my understanding of how God works in my life. It is the bedrock of my world view and guides the other choices I make in my life. If you’d like to know more about my faith, please ask me or you can get more information from this wonderful site –


3. Long showers. This may seem like a frivolous thing to be grateful for, but as a mother of 4, almost 5 little people with a busy schedule and a thousand ideas, dates and plans racing through my brain, those moments of relative quiet, shuttered away from questions and constant chatter help me to center myself. I love a nice quiet shower.


4. Great books are an integral part of working to be a great writer. This month for Book Club, we read a book I never would have picked up on my own (The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern). I was blown away by Erin’s imagination and story telling. I couldn’t get over her ideas and intricacies in imagining the circus. Each time I read something amazing, whether simply so, or complexly contrived, I learn and grow and experience – all essential elements to being a great writer. If I ever stop reading, my education will end. I cannot imagine the idea! Reading has always been an essential escape and rejuvination for my mind and heart. I love it! Pick up a great book today!

5. While books are a constant education, music is a source of inspiration I cannot explain. I am a musician as well as a writer, so when I hear music, I don’t just hear beats and rhythm, though I adore a great beat. I hear the mixture of words, music and performance. The way someone sings the words of a song is just as important as the words themselves and the tune they’re matched with. Music is extremely powerful – it can create in someone a memory so powerful it can bring them to tears or thrust them out of depression. It can also inspire darkness, so I am very careful what I listen to. When I hear a new great song, I obsess with it until I’ve memorized every word. Music is just plain awesome and I’m so grateful for it’s effect in my life.

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6. Service is powerful. I once learned that gratitude is the ultimate reframe, meaning, when I am down and feeling poorly about myself or a situation in my life, if I can get outside my head and think of or serve someone else, I can completely change my day. I just love that. Service can be as simple as a text letting someone know you’re thinking of them, a smile at someone in the carpool lane, a hug. It can be dinner brought after a busy day, helping someone when their little ones are sick, it can be anything that makes you think of others before yourself. It works miracles, literally and I love that something so simple can change your day. Give it a try.

7. My husband is the one of the best and most diligent people I know. Sure, he falls under the family banner of the first thankful, but he deserves a bit more time in this post. Through the difficult economic struggles of the last few years, I have been so grateful for his tenacity and determination. I am grateful for the amazing Dad he is. I love that he is sexier than ever, even if I am experiencing a “rounder phase” until this baby comes. I adore that he makes up his own words to music and is honestly surprised when I tell him what the real ones are. At times I grumble, but he is that guy you can call at any time to help and he is on his feet out the door in moments to give it. He never thinks to turn down someone in need unless he honestly can’t find a way to help. He is a cheerleader when I struggle for hope in myself and he likes to tease me when I am at the point of waddling pregnancy and need someone to tell me I’m not going to be pregnant forever. Everyone needs that one person who will have their back in challenging situations and for me, he’s that guy and more. I am beyond grateful to have such an amazing man in my life forever.

So there you have it. My top 7 Thankfuls. Now it’s your turn. Share with me, share with yourself, or share with your world, but just be grateful and see how much you smile today. Happy Thanksgiving y’all!

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