The Amazing Race { Valentine Edition }

If you’re like me, you enjoy a nice romantic evening with your sweetheart. I’m a huge fan of romance! Candlelight, romantic music and one on one time with my honey are some of my favorite things. That being said, I don’t think I’m alone when I confess to a conversation laden with upcoming appointments, latest book news, and lots of kid talk when we’re on a typical date. For Valentine’s Day, I wanted to be sure our thoughts were focused on each other, so when I saw this idea on Pinterest, I was immediately interested.

I’m a huge fan of The Amazing Race. I know Mr. Houston would be an awesome navigator and I’m pretty good at solving puzzles. We’d be a great team! But until we can race around the world accomplishing crazy tasks, we are happy to settle for a Valentine Edition of the Amazing Race. We invited some of our favorite people to come along. Now a group date on Valentine’s might seem completely Anti-Romance, but it wasn’t. We met for dinner and then raced with our Valentines before meeting up again for dessert. It was both romantic and fun and I hope you’ll check out our ideas (and The Dating Divas) and put on your own Amazing Race Date!

A few ground rules included kissing at every stoplight and completing a 20 question survey to get us talking about more than work or kids. You can find my list of twenty questions taken from this pin at the bottom of this post.

When we split up we had 7 clues (each team had a different order):

1. In this store you only need 100 pennies for everything they offer – Dollar Store

2. Go where you can find the latest movies – Redbox or Movie Theatre

3. Choose a store with many candy options for this next challenge. – Any store with candy

4. Here you’ll find antelope and moose, boats and quads and in the winter, Santa Clause – Bass Pro Shops

5. Any remote, deserted parking lot. – Anywhere!

6. A fancy venue where the water dances to Celine Dion. – Bellagio Fountains

7. This is a land where the very tastiest treats are weighed by the ounce. – Yogurtland

8. Head to the PITSTOP!! – Our House

At each spot we did a challenge:

Making each other Candygrams from the candy store,

Notice the lips?

Mr. Houston's Candygram to me

choosing a $1 gift from the Dollar Store,


I got him Gatorade and he got me this sweet card at the $1 store

listening to a song at the dancing fountains, and dancing to our wedding song in the deserted parking lot.

Me and my Valentine!

At Bass Pro Shops we had a ROAD BLOCK, either photographing 5 different kinds of fish or

We went with Jamaican Style Jerk Chicken and Ice Cream Sandwiches

making a dinner with dessert out of the emergency rations they have. We finished that challenge off with a game of shooting.


Taking a shot

The final challenge involved a visit to Yogurtland where we filled up a bowl for our spouse and then hurried to the PITSTOP.

My favorite part of the night was dancing in the parking lot with my Big Hunk. I also loved coming home and laughing until my sides ached with these great friends, though I have to say there are some posters of Prince I should never have known about. I wish I’d remembered to get a picture with ALL of us. I have the best friends who are willing to go along with my crazy ideas. Thanks Tsagrinos, Ashers & Carters!


Now tell me what you did for Valentine’s Day! And then go enter my Giveaway for a FREE e-book of A Heart So Broken – the perfect romantic read!

Twenty Questions:

What was your first impression of me?

What is your idea of a perfect house?

Where would you go for your dream holiday?

What was your first date like? Where did you go?

If you won the lottery, what would you do with your money?

If your house caught fire and you could only take one thing and run out, what would it be?

Do you believe in ghosts?

Describe the worst date you’ve been on.

What would you change about yourself if given the chance?

What is your dream job?

What is the most adventurous thing you’ve done?

Who is your favorite celebrity?

Tell me something about yourself that no one knows?

What was your most memorable event growing up?

Who is your childhood hero?

Who is your favorite cartoon character?

What would you do if you were stranded on an island with nothing to eat?

Would you like to go to the moon?

What word first comes to your mind when asked to describe me?

What word first comes to mind when asked to describe yourself?

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