This Dance

You know something is powerful when it comes back to you months…years later. Books, music, dance do that for me. They affect me profoundly, they find a home in my heart and there will be moments when I’m not thinking, early in the morning when I just awaken and these images will flood my mind and I’m affected all over again by the message they send. This is one dance that found me this week, lying in bed and not thinking. It is profound and shattering for anyone who has struggled with addiction, who has fought the fight or fought beside a friend or loved one. It’s eye opening for everyone else who needs to feel what it’s like to be addicted so they can choose to look around with open eyes to see those who are struggling to find a reason to keep trying to break free. Each time I watch this I find myself brought to tears because I can feel what it is like to be bound down without hope, that most precious of gifts.

Often we think of addictions as the hard core drugs and alcohol. But just as damaging are the soft addictions, the ones no one thinks twice about. Overeating, sugar, video games, pornography and even exercise, things we think hurt no one but ourselves, and yet our overwhelming taste for them changes who we are and affects our confidence in who we can be. To be out of control to any substance or form of entertainment, to feel we have little choice in how long we play or how many cookies we eat…it’s a painful reality for too many.  

This dance made me aware, on so many levels, that addiction can be a malevolent monster waiting to consume the tender, upreaching soul. But there is no one that need suffer alone and without hope. You can find freedom. There are so many ways to find help. Through your local church organizations, through and many many other options. Don’t wait. There is hope – ALWAYS. 


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