Tweaking Perspective

I run up a mountain on a daily basis.

Doesn’t that sound amazing. That first sentence is like anything in life. On the surface it looks astounding. RUN? Up MOUNTAINS? You might make all kinds of assumptions about my physical health and muscular capacity. But then if you were actually there every morning when the sun is beginning to warm the valley, when I’m pausing, short of breath, staring out at the patchwork of black streets and terra cotta roof tiles below me, you wouldn’t be as impressed.

Nevertheless, there is a point, at the steady incline of the foothill when I am actually running, trotting my way up a gravel path, lead by a perky Lady with a lot more determination than I have and a steady group of women intent on giving back to the bodies that have given so much to us.

At the top of said mountain, while we’re squatting or lunging or doing step ups and pushups, I try to distract myself from the scream of neglected muscles by looking out across the beautiful expanses below me. Let me tell you, there is nothing like getting up and out of the trees for seeing the forest. That’s true about every single thing in life. When you’re in the thick of it, every detail gets mushed in with another and suddenly life can be a little too much. But take a minute, a pause for breath out of a busy day and truly see with open eyes the astounding intricacy of the life we’ve been given and suddenly things become manageable, we see beauty, we prioritize.

So I run up a mountain on a daily basis. I gasp for breath and feel the burn of my calves as I go. I change my perspective with a little nudge from good friends and it sets the tone for the day ahead. If you’re gasping for breath, or feel run over by all the commitments of life, I recommend taking a step away from the trees. Find YOUR mountain, do a little bit of hiking and get a view above it all. I promise, you’ll come away seeing a lot more clearly.

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