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One of my favorite ways to pamper myself is to curl up with a good book and get lost in the story. I’m a sucker for clean romance with plenty of swoony kisses and adventure. With that in mind, I put together a fun Giveaway with some of my favorite things just for you!

First up, a $75 gift card. This sucker can get you and your sweetheart a delicious dinner out for Valentine’s Day, a massage, some pampering at the salon or a whole load of new reads for your shelf. But wait, there’s MORE! Six talented authors agreed to share their clean romances as part of this giveaway. That makes 7 e-books that will go to the Grand Prize Winner along with that gift card!

Woot woot!

In even better news, these generous ladies were willing to kick in an additional e-book for a second prize winner who will get the same 7 e-books to enjoy!

Yup. These are some amazing ladies. They’re not only talented, they’re really great people. If you haven’t heard some of these names before, prepare to be amazed, entertained and delighted. Each author offers their own spin of sweet, sassy romance with plenty of sparks!

I’ve got the books they’re offering down below, so check them out and give them some love! You won’t be lacking romance during this season of love!


When Fireflies Sing

When a socialite seeking refuge crosses paths with a bad boy country music star, mud and sparks fly.


Rachelle Christensen

Lexi Burke leaves behind her high-paying job and escapes to Kauai, but a new billionaire status may threaten her chance at love.


Her life had just begun, but his had already ended.


Can a new earl and a seasoned miss find true love despite their families’ unforgivable feud?


After a marriage gone wrong, will Hunter ever be able to trust his heart again? Mia Reynolds, a popular MyChannel video blogger, is determined to help him try.


Dr. Riley Rogers needs her humanitarian project to be successful, but when her hotshot billionaire investor shows up, nothing goes as planned.


He needs a promotion. She needs to stay in the country.

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