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I used to just post the words – clear and simple. They sound so profound without embellishment…but there’s more.

There’s a busy life with the  hurtling ahead of intentions and hopes. This week we’re wrapped up preparing for Trouble’s 3rd birthday, watching Mr. Houston pack for a campout with his Boy Scout troop, listening to the discussion of a new Charter School thankfully closer to home but possibly harder to get into. Weighing, measureing…celebrating.

A thousand thoughts come screaming by while in an ordinary day. The ones that stick out remind me of what life is all about and I grasp onto them, Pin them on my wall and think about what they mean and why they stood out to me. These words and many others have been speaking to me about being authentic. About really believing that this life isn’t an accident, but a glorious dance of possibilities, disappointments and renewed hope. This season breathes it in the puff of clouds that drift across the sky and tiny furled leaves read to burst out into the sunshine.

Writing…become an author, is all about that dance. There are moments – beautiful rays of sunshine that come from a sweetly posted note on Facebook from a satisfied reader. And there are disappoinments – when everything isn’t going quite as smoothly as planned. Yet I can’t help the edge of contentment I feel to be on this journey, no matter what the road brings. I feel so blessed to be a writer in this age, with so much open to me, so many who have paved the way. I look around me and could not be happier with my company.

So I guess I hope to remind you that there is far more to this life than ease and glamour. There are hard won battles and satisfied sleep after a long day’s work. There is sweat and tears. There is peace and contentment after the storm. If you’re fighting, or battling, sweating or crying – you’re not alone, and you never, ever will be. It’s what I believe to the very center of my being. I believe it. And if today you can’t believe – just lean on me…



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