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Ah…Stephen Covey knows how to put it doesn’t he?

I’m learning the art of saying NO to some things because of that burning YES.

Lately I’ve been saying YES to a new arrangement with a fellow writer and lovely friend. She sent me a message one day with a singular idea to swap babysitting so we could take turns writing. She was getting Trouble, so I worried for just a moment before flashing her out a return message with the basic jist of “Heck yeah!” written all over it.

Can I tell you how I had to prepare my head. How I had to set my phone on vibrate and only answer for her. How I had to tell my husband that between these hours on this day I am in an underground vault with no reception and absolutely unable to be reached for any reason? How I had to physically remind myself that once the clock dawned on said hours Facebook and Pinterest were enemies to my progress? How there were several nervous moments when the paper and I looked expectantly at one another, me wondering where to begin and it taunting – “Bring it!”

And like any great cheerleader, I brought it! It has been…can I say amazing or does that sound too high school? It’s been such a revelation. Writing, consistently, for hours one day. Lovely! I highly recommend it! I’m also finding more ways to write throughout the week, squeezing it in, working more efficiently on other projects so I can do more of what I want and like Stephen said, saying NO when I should and embracing more of that burning YES.

I am LOVING it. Is there something you should say yes to that will help you live more of the life you’re meant to live?


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