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3f43e81bf36f7691426ad2df230de70b[1]Charlie Brown Christmas will always be a favorite for me. I love the little tree with it’s forlorn beginning for many reasons.

First, someone saw something special in an otherwise unremarkable thing.

Second, there were hecklers to overcome, people who couldn’t see value in something so small and scrubby. And even as Charlie Brown lost faith, his initial inspiration lit the fire in his friend Linus to bring out the positive qualities in this tree so that everyone could see it.

How many times do we go through the same life lessons. We see or are seen for our true potential only to have hecklers from the crowd shoot us down. Yet there is the light that comes from being believed in, and soon, rallied around, gently supported, and given a bit of cheer, we shine out as our best selves. There are people the world over, in every walk of life, in every venue or path of existence who need that bit of support, cheer or tender belief to start them on the path of becoming all that they can be.

And isn’t that part of what Christmas is all about? Let’s take a moment today and look for thoseĀ among us who need just a little love.

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