A Mysterious Case of Mondays

You might think I’ve been hit with a case of the “Mondays” as I write this post. Symptoms include:

  • Baby waking up early thinking he’s some kind of celebrity who needs a 5am feeding
  • Dead car battery after charging it all weekend (cause someone left the door ajar…)
  • Canceled plans
  • Calling for rescue in the carpool

It sounds like Monday struck again – but really, I’m taking it as a nudge. A nudge to write. A reason to stay home and get some much needed work done. So this morning I’ll be breaking out the tunes, getting inspired, and writing every moment I can.

Music is such a useful medium for creating. These are a couple of songs that have been inspiring me lately:

Dark and dangerous like the story I’m writing now…And this:

For editing my Regency romance. I know…completely different. What can I say! I’m addicted to music, it’s true. So tell me, what inspires you?


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