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Something about the run of asphalt beneath our tires, the hum of a children’s movie playing for the kids, and the open scene of wide desert plains stirs up my imagination. We’re outside the mundane, the everyday that keeps us from really seeing the world around us. On the road you see all kinds of interesting people and things. And let’s be honest, getting out of the Las Vegas heat can do wonders for the creative mind.

On the way home from our lovely weekend away I was jotting down my next story ideas. These new thoughts always fill me with excitement, the same kind of excitement I get when I pick up a promising novel. For me writing isn’t about knowing the plot from beginning to end. It’s about having an idea and letting the characters tell their story. I’m always thrilled to be along for the ride.

Just to give you a little peek, my next stories will have a little of this:

Ancient Runes

And a bit of this:


Ancient statues, secret manuscripts, and a girl with enough courage to do something about what she finds out. It’s going to be an epic story.


  1. Morgan St. James
    May 31, 2012

    My creativity is sparked when I get my teeth into a great story. I’m co-authoring one with Dennis Griffin at the moment that has me totally captivated. It’s the true crime story of a woman’s struggle to rise about the rotten hand life has dealt and to help others like her in the process. Can’t say more now, but whenever I get new input from her via email I drop everything to work on it. I also love developing twists and outside-the-box plots that actually could happen.

  2. What a lovely little curated pinboard of quotes! I too am a lover of them!

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