When it rains

This morning I’m sipping hot cocoa while I dash through emails and check FB. Hot cocoa in honor of the thick, puffy clouds crowding the sky and the tiny little teaser raindrops that sprinkled my windshield as I dropped of the littles as school. Dark cloudy days are my FAVORITE for writing. Something about the layers of white, gray and blue in the sky inspire images in my mind that can’t be ignored.

You’ll be happy to know I’m not just writing books lately (though I’m working on some serious awesomeness – just so ya know). In my pursuit of an agent or agents for my books this year, (see my New Year Resolutions from Monday) I am curious to know how other authors got their agents, what they think of this whole Indie thing, and what they’re writing in the meantime. Let’s be honest, I just love learning about other people and WRITERS are on the top of my list! I’m in complete agreement with Bill Nye who said, “Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don’t.” I intend to ask them!

With that in mind I’ll be starting an Author Interview Series here on Addicted. Interviews have certainly become a new obsession. Every day I see new candidates. I hope you will enjoy learning about my friends and writers I admire, including a whole load of the recently nominated Whitney finalists. There will also be some industry professionals so we can learn about what they do in this crazy world of books. Believe me, you’ll want to be a part of this fun!

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And just in case you needed some, here’s a little Weekend Inspiration:


Love me some Maya. Happy Weekend!

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