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Right after A Heart So Broken launched, I was invited to participate in a local Book Club of about a dozen ladies.

This was my first ever Book Club visit, and even though these ladies were my friends, I was still nervous about what their opinions would be once they’d experienced my writing style and story concept. I felt it was a great story, but what would readers think? It would only take a bit of imagination to conjure up the thousands of conflicting emotions I was feeling.

Of course, my concerns were completely unnecessary. There was a general agreement that A Heart So Broken is a wonderful read! Each woman had their own unique take on the storyline and the impressions it left on them. I loved the questions that came out and the opportunity to explain a little bit more about my characters, their motivations and emotions. What an exciting experience!

What made it even better was walking into a mini recreation of the BBQ scene. Our host, Jamie, had baked up some delicious boneless chicken wings and onion rings along with jars of tasty strawberry lemonade just like in the book! That was pretty cool!

Jackson Turnage turned out to be the favorite character with Lilly Johnson in close second. There were mixed thoughts on where West Junction was located. And some people caught on early that there was a twist coming and others weren’t even ready for it when it hit. Some thought the twist would be another death.

That night we all went home with one of these darling mini candy bar bouquets. How cool is that?

Thanks Jamie and friends, for a wonderful night. You were too good to me!

I’m coming up with some book club questions just in case you’d like to host a book club discussion of your own. I’ll post those soon, so check back in!

If you have a reading group in Las Vegas, NV and would like to request a visit, drop me an email at I’d love to be a part of your discussion! I’m also open to a Skype conference for book groups, schools etc. that may be out of state.


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