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Friday and Saturday morning, June 20-21 from 8-11am, I’ll be running a Book and Soda Stand on a busy street in my hometown. 

The idea takes me back to those little fruit stands on the side of the road, selling sweet ripe cantaloupes and strawberries as big as your head and bursting with flavor. Or those little stands with cute dirty-faced kids selling lemonade that they drink as fast as they sell.


There is something entirely down-home about selling from a table in the neighborhood.

Something basically good about reaching out to the people who drive down your street each day.

Something perfectly special about handing a book to a Mom rushing to soccer practice with her car full of kiddos, a little promise between you and her that while she’s cheering on her littles she’ll also be getting a little boost of her own.

That’s what books are all about. Cheering, boosting, taking you away on a journey that fills your cup when it’s running dry.

And while the Book Stores around town are slowly fading away in a tragic turn of commerce, that doesn’t mean books and people can’t rub shoulders. Sometimes it takes putting up a table, throwing out some signs and opening up a little Book Store of your own on a busy Las Vegas street. You feel me?


Friday and Saturday from 8-11ish in the morning, I’ll be selling books from a stand on the corner of Decatur Blvd and Warm Springs Road (7580 S. Decatur Blvd) in southwest Las Vegas. I hope you’ll take a minute to swing by before rushing out of town, hurrying to the splash pad, running to work, dashing to soccer-swim-baseball-dance practice or busting through your to do list. I’ll have beautiful, glossy covered books and ice cold sodas and bottles of water for you to take on your way and tuck in your swim totes. 

Feel free to spread the word to your Book Loving neighbors and friends. Everyone welcome!!

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