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2013header[1]I’ve been a part of some pretty amazing events of late, and I wanted to share with you. The Vegas Valley Book Festival is headed by a friend of mine, a kid I knew in High School who is making great things happen at the Historic 5th Street School, especially with this amazing Festival.


I first attended the Festival for the fun it afforded my kids. They walked through gathering all kinds of arts and crafts, picking up books, speaking to authors, hanging out with Clifford and Super Why. It was lots of fun for them. That was several years ago, and I can say this year I wished I’d brought my kids with me again! There was so much happening for the kids: hands on fun, characters walking around, and all kinds of awesomeness to keep their little bodies moving and exploring. To the organizers, I can’t say how I love seeing Las Vegas make kids a priority and this event is a definite win for families!

The next time I went to the Festival it was to sell my newly released book. I rented a little table in a quiet courtyard one little breezeway apart from the YA tents where things were hoppin’! There was a B&N tent there with sales ringing like crazy, a great big tent for YA authors to share in panels and all kinds of fun things happening. Needless to say, I was very grateful for my friends who came out and made my time at the table worth it. They made my day! But I knew next year, I needed to be on the other side with those amazing YA authors.

Thankfully, my HS friend pointed me in the right direction and introduced me to the queen of the YA portion of the Festival. Crystal has been a wonderful resource and friend ever since. I love working with her and each time we get together for various events, I learn more about this great little world of YA authors. I meet beautiful, talented people; I get to talk with librarians and educators, I get to sign and sell books, and always I feel happy to know more about this little lady who can sure get things done. Through Crystal’s help, I was able to be a part of the YA fun this year for the Festival.


I was on the schedule, I got to sit on a panel and share things about A Heart So Broken and answer questions about being an author. It was SO cool! I loved every minute! Later, they lined us up to sign books bought in that fabulous B&N tent. Mine were on sale next to other greats like Lindsey Leavitt and Tera Lynn Childs and I was thrilled to be rubbing shoulders with these amazing ladies and gentlemen.


This picture is of just of the YA authors who were in attendance. Can you believe it? Over 30 authors in attendance, some from as far as France! What a memorable day!

Next year, I’m sure VVBF will be bigger than ever. Mark your calendars, bring out the kids and your teens and plan to spend a great day in the wonderful Fall Las Vegas weather meeting authors, buying books and experiencing the fun of the Festival.

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  1. Cindy
    Nov 27, 2013

    Loved your list. Happy Thanksgivng friend! ❤️

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