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So feeling this one today. There have been a lot of “Nos” in the process of writing and publishing books. Rejection is a part of life in any art form. Some love your work, some could pick it to pieces and then grind into the ground while smiling in your face. It’s just part of life. Some are builders, some are wreckers. Some say Yes! and mean no and some say NO! and gradually warm into yes.

One day I was sitting at a stoplight checking emails (I don’t do that anymore because it’s against the law – just so we’re clear) and I got the dreaded email from an Editor looking at one of my books. We had been chatting for weeks now. There was hope – she loved my book, she was sending it to outside readers, it was going to be AMAZING. The blossom of what was to come was gently unfurling in my chest. I was growing in confidence at my ability to write not just one book, but multiple books that people would love.

And then the email at the stoplight.

I remember praying… because I needed strength from above to help me process this – whatever it may be – with faith and optimism.

And then I opened the letter. And there was rejection and sadness leaking out of it. And I had to sit in the parking lot at the library for a moment to gather my heart from the ground and remember that I wasn’t just a writer, I was a Mom with a two year old intent on storytime and I had to keep it together.

Later I would read the letter to my husband, after avoiding the subject out of shear disappointment. I would cry and he would comfort me. And then I would read it again and see what I’d prayed for. In between the wreck of discouragement were beautiful words of encouragement that, if I wanted to focus on them, I would take myself from dejection to success.

There is something beautiful and freeing about NO. It means to turn, to take a new course with conviction that the one you were on is not the right path. It means moving forward and trying again because that’s the circle of life. I believe it. I believe the YES to come will be amazing and I will shake my head and thank God that He was brave enough to tell me NO even when it would break my heart.

I believe in preludes…



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