What Did YOU Read?

During the summer I’ve been reading like crazy. Part of my reading frenzy was inspired by my regency writing and I deemed it “research” to comb through delightful books by Sarah M. Eden and others. I joined up with the Summer Book Trek sponsored by New LDS Fiction and had a BLAST I tell you! For one thing, both my hard copy and e-books were snapped up by prize winners which give me all kinds of happy feelings. Plus I read some great books during that month, over a dozen, and got a PILE of free books to show for it on my nightstand.

I’ve been waiting for a certain book with anxious anticipation. This kind of sad-sighing-is-it-September-yet? kind of feeling whenever I reach for something to read.  What book could inspire this note of longing? You guessed it: Blackmoore by Julianne Donaldson.


Have you preordered?  (And while you’re there, don’t forget to order a copy of A Heart So Broken before you check out. You won’t be sorry!)


Are you in Salt Lake City, UT and able to go to her Launch Party on September 10th? If you are I have a secret feeling of envy. Just a tiny one, I assure you, which I will quickly overcome in the name of maturity. You can dress up, though I don’t own anything 1820-ish AND, you can get your book signed. *Sigh*. I may not be able to attend, but I’m lobbying for her to come to Vegas again.

In the meantime I’ve been wondering…what have you been reading this summer?

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