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Do you ever dream of racing through a dozen different countries with your best friend or spouse? Seeing things you’ve only dreamed of? Doing crazy and challenging activities that teach you about the land you’re in? That’s just a bit of the chaos and delight of The Amazing Race reality series. I’ve been a follower for years. At times I daydream about being a part of the fast and furious pace of the Amazing Race. Mr. Houston would be the best at directions and physical challenges. I would be perfect at reading things quickly and figuring other stuff out. In my dreams we win the million and get to see the world together.

Season 20 just wrapped up and I was thrilled to see a Military Wife and her National Guard husband win the whole thing – along with achieving the status of winning the most 1st place prizes in the history of the show. Bravo Rachel and Dave Brown! It was great to see them triumph over obstacle and get that much needed time together after Dave’s long absence overseas.

I’m telling you, military wives are tough stuff. They go through some of the hardest stress known to womankind while still juggling it all. Their husbands are amazing too for serving our country at such a critical time.

In my book, A Heart So Broken, my main character struggles through the loss of her military Dad. The heart of my book comes from listening to those who have experienced the loneliness of deployments and challenges of reentry firsthand. I have such respect for all those who serve our country. It’s a sacrifice all around and one that deserves more million dollar moments like Rachel and Dave enjoyed at the end of their race.

With the season of patriotism just around the corner, let’s pause a moment to pray for all those waiting for their loved ones to come home and to remember those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for the freedoms we enjoy. From the bottom of our hearts, we honor you.

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