Putting My Pen on the Line…

The 81st Annual Writer’s Digest Short Story Competition deadline is just around the corner. Honestly I thought I’d missed it due to family obligations and too much going on in our busy home to sit down and write an amazing piece. But I’ve got a few more days and some great ideas and I intend to win this one – yep, the $3,000, the one on one attention from four editors, and the trip to NYC for the Writer’s Digest Conference. Yeah, that’s the one I’m going for.

So tell me – what do you do when the nerves kick in and you start to deconstruct?

If I’m on my game I remember this:



And then I realize no matter what happens, I love writing and without it as an outlet for my creativity, my days would hold less spark and joy. Whenever I put my pen on the line the end result is time well spent and another story or two to share with you.

Whatever it is that stirs your heart and brings light into your eyes, I hope you’re doing it, no matter the odds, no matter the risk. I hope you’re living the life you’re capable of living.


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