{Till We Meet Again}

This post is a personal one – and I hope you don’t mind. As a writer my beginnings are rooted in journaling, telling the story of life.

Today we say goodbye to my Grandma…

This is her holding my first baby girl. She loves babies and I know even though she won’t be with us here on earth she will be watching over all her babies from above.

There is something precious about your final moments with a loved one. They’re sticky – the kind of memories that don’t fade away into the grey like so many others, but come to the forefront during quiet moments.

I remember well those moments with my Grandpa Smith. His final days in the ICU were grave, but there was a moment when I got to be with him, combing his hair and talking with him. I had that same moment with Grandma. When Mr. Houston’s Grandma was nearing the end, we made a final visit with our little tribe. I can still remember her words as she encouraged us to treasure our family. What beautiful thoughts from someone who knew better – who had been through it all and KNEW what we needed to hear, what was most important.

For each of them, I am so grateful and treasure the angels in heaven we now have, working for our good. I miss my Grandma, but I’m grateful that she is no longer in pain or struggling against a broken body. I’m grateful for her peace and for the reassurance I have that we will meet again.

Until then, Grandma…I love you.

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