Under the Clouds

Today is one of those days where the clouds are blue and gray, layering down close to comfort us with the promise of rain after so many days of skyrocketing heat. It feels good just to see them bumping around the sky, building up to perfect plumpness and then *fingers crossed* dumping their load of raindrops all over the valley. In my opinion, they don’t need to hold back.

A good day full of clouds is also a good day for writing. Something about them makes me feel creative. My fingers itch to write and my mind is secretly playing new scenes in the background as I flip pancakes, change baby bums and listen to piano scales. I smile inside, greeting all the new characters so they know I’ll come play when the babies are sleeping and the older kids are buried in their summer reading.

Cloudy days just feel good. What do you do on days like these?

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